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BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

vKey Device software

Employees, temporary workers, and contractors can all use vKey ® Device to access the corporate network securely and safely from any PC.

Whether it's about employee freedom, simplified desktop support, reduced maintenance, or hardware cost avoidance, vKey ® Device gives your authorized users the ability to use any Intel based work or home PC without compromising the security of the organization's network.



SRA: Secure Remote Access

vKey Device Manager interface

For mobile workers, vKey® Device gives employees the flexibility and convenience to work anywhere, anytime, by making any PC a trusted PC.

Unforeseen demands to access corporate systems and resources are easily satisfied, be it from home, in transit, at an internet café, or even on vacation, all without compromising corporate security.

Business Continuity

vKey Server

Every enterprise faces risk of unforeseen business disruptions, whether it be from malware, power failure, flooding, or other unforeseen circumstances. vKey ® Device is the truest flexible risk mitigation and contingency tool. Solutions are available for the smallest business to the largest enterprise.