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vKey ® Device

vKey Device software

vKey® Device is software that arrives on your choice of media (USB drive, portable hard disk, or BlackBerry), and is directly operable from the media that it is shipped on. Simply plug in the vKey ® Device media into a host PC for it to become your portable and secure office desktop.

vKey ® Device Manager

vKey Device Manager interface

vKey® Device Manager (vDM) is your enterprise solution for managing vKey® Device software. It provides the ability to create, monitor, secure, support, and even disable your deployed vKey® devices, if necessary. This product is recommended for clients who desire centralized management and tracking of multiple vKey ® devices.

vKey ® Server

vKey Server

vKey® Server is a licensed service offered for customers who desire cloud based desktop image hosting and vKey® Device creation. It centralizes image storage, image maintenance, and vKey® Device creation. vKey® Server works seamlessly with vDM for centralized management and tracking multiple vKey® devices.