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DLS Technology Corporation

Who Are We?

Founded in 2000, DLS Technology Corporation (DLS) is an IT System Integration Service and Product Development Company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Our primary focus is building value-added solutions for SMBs, large enterprises, and public sector clients. We specialize in secure remote access and secure virtualization technology, and have successfully deployed over 120 virtualization projects for both the public and private sector in the past 13 years. Our corporate mission is to be the trusted value-added solution advisor that customers have the desire and confidence to turn to for a productive long-term business relationship.

How Are We Different?

The team at DLS is committed to high quality, trust, and integrity. We differentiate ourselves by our expertise and experience in delivering secure virtualization solutions. Our team specializes in the architecture, deployment, and support of secure remote access and virtualization solutions from beginning to end. During this process, our team works in conjunction with all the stakeholders involved: clients, partners, vendors, and consultants. Our employees and consultants are dedicated to excellence and have extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields. We pride ourselves in our long-term relationships with past clients and identify with their success.

Research & Development

In addition to our IT system integration service offering, DLS is devoted to actively pursuing development of new technology. We have worked with academic institutions, government departments and agencies (National Research Council Canada – Industrial Research Assistance Program, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and Ontario Centres of Excellence) in pursuit of leading-edge, and best practice driven, R&D projects. Following the positive release and reception of DLS virtualization R&D products, including DLS SecureConnectivity and DLS ThinClient, we have continued the secure virtualization pioneering effort with our latest innovation: the vKey ® solution.

Who Are Our Partners?

We remain current with industry standards by building solid partnerships with leading technology companies including Citrix, VMware, HP, Microsoft, f5, eG Innovation, Dell, and more. Notably, our cloud and virtualization solutions are primarily based on Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft technologies.

For more information, please visit www.dlstech.com

What is vKey ®?

vKey ® is software stored on a USB key, portable hard disk, or BlackBerry that is bootable from any computer to create a secure and independent Linux and/or Microsoft operating system (OS) environment. vKey ®'s bootable OS runs independently from the hard disk of the hosting computer in a zero-footprint environment. Almost any modern Intel-based computer (PC or Mac) can be used as the host computer. With vKey ®, users can use any host computer to access their organization's data center and workplace applications without changing how they work or compromising corporate network security.

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • How can I access my applications and data if my workplace's site is offline?
  • A desktop environment can be customized on a USB drive, portable hard disk, or BlackBerry so that even if the site is offline, you can always access your critical applications from vKey ®.
  • How do I avoid having to authenticate myself on every PC I use? Reinstalling and reconfiguring every PC to access my corporate network is time consuming and complicated.
  • The complicated user-authentication process can be deployed as part of the vKey ® OS image so that users can carry their own portable-ID for secured remote access without further configuration and support.
  • How do I avoid accidentally sharing confidential information on the PC I am using?
  • The vKey ® working environment is isolated from the host machine. All data is written to vKey ®'s own encrypted volume, never to the hosted machine, and never visible without authentication.
  • How can I work securely when mobile?
  • vKey ® frees you from being locked down to your desktop. You can access your secure desktop environment at home or anywhere else, online or offline, regardless of network connectivity.